Our Process

Repair Estimate
Drive over or call to arrange a tow for your repair estimate. Once we’ve prepared your damage analysis, we’ll go over it with you in detail. During this step, we’ll tell you about all of the parts and repairs you need as well as the costs.
OK The Repair Plan
Once you approve the repair plan, Precision can take it from there. We can help fill out the paperwork necessary to complete your accident report as well as your insurance claims forms.
We Order Necessary Parts
Prior to ordering new parts, we meticulously dis-assemble the damaged areas & wash them carefully to make sure no damage has been overlooked. Once we’re sure every piece of damage has been identified, we order parts, supplementing your repair plan & parts order as necessary. Doing so helps avoid unnecessary delays by making sure we have everything needed to repair your car before the repair step is initiated.
We Repair Damage & Replace Parts
Once all parts have arrived (usually within 1-3 days), we replace all damaged parts, massage out any dents, and restore the contours of the automotive body to their original condition.
We Skillfully Re-Paint
After body work is complete and damaged parts are replaced, it’s time to prep the car for the paint booth. In a blend of artistry & science, our skilled painters, aided by computer, mix, match & tint a shade of paint to account for any color lot variations or fading from exposure to the elements. We’ll carefully blend around the damaged area to ensure the graduation between brand-new paint & older paint is seamless and invisible to even the most trained eye.
We Detail Your Car Inside & Out
Now that all body repairs have been made and coated with gleaming new paint, we clean your car inside & out. Once it’s spic & span, we’ll notify you so you can schedule a convenient time to pick it up.
You Get Back On The Road
With quality repair from Precision, not only will your collision repairs go smoothly & quickly, you can get back on the road with confidence, knowing we guarantee the quality of our repairs – structurally & aesthetically. Happy Driving!

Ready To Start Your Repair?