Clean Air Aluminum Repair Facilities

Precision’s Clean-Air Aluminum Repair Facilities

Today, the use of aluminum in automobile frames & body components is becoming increasingly widespread, as US manufacturers adapt to meet new federal fuel economy regulations. While aluminum is not new to the automotive industry (Audi has used aluminum heavily since the mid 90’s), the use of aluminum is quickly being adopted by a wider variety of manufacturers. For example, the body components of the 2014 Ford F-150 pickup truck will be made almost entirely from aluminum.

•Patented Clean-Air filtering system to ensure a contaminant-free environment

•Dedicated Celette Unibody Measuring System to identify areas of the body & framework in need of repair

•Highly skilled technicians with specialized aluminum training

•Manufacturer backing from Audi making Precision Oregon’s only Audi Factory

•Certified Aluminum Repair Facility

•State-of-the-art tool dedicated aluminum body repair facilities and equipment

Precision Aluminum Automotive Repair