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Collision repair for modern vehicles is much more than making your car look good on the surface.

The modern engineering of cars requires an experienced technician and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your vehicle will not only look good again but will be safe to drive again.

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Whatever you drive, rely on any of our  Precision Body & Paint locations to repair your vehicle with careful attention to quality. You can be confident in the integrity of our work…from beautiful, long-lasting paint finishes to frame repairs that restore the structural soundness of the vehicle to the same as when it rolled off the assembly line.



Not All locations are Certified for the same Vehicle Manufacturers.

We are proud to offer factory certified collision repair for over 30 manufacturers. In addition, we are the only Audi-certified auto body repair shop in Oregon.

Why Are Vehicle Factory Certifications Important in Collision Repair?

Precision Body & Paint is certified by over 30 vehicle manufacturers. 

What does that mean for you, the vehicle owner?

That means our technicians follow manufacturer procedures to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition so you can feel safe on the road again. Our body shop obtained the tools and training necessary to return the complex safety system of your vehicle to its original integrity and safety.

There is no requirement for body shops to have manufacturer certifications or use the latest safety techniques. So, why do we spend the extra time, money, and resources to train our technicians on the latest aluminum welding techniques or be experts in vehicles as complex as Audi, Porsche, or Mercedes- Benz?

Our customers deserve to be as safe after an accident as they were during the first.

We achieve this by ensuring your vehicle is fully restored as the manufacturer intended from the factory.

Not All locations are Certified for the same Vehicle Manufacturers.

Factory Certified Collision Center


Insurance Based DRP Collision Center

There are still very few state or federal regulations governing the way body shops repair cars.

There are two categories: Factory certified body shops, like Precision Body & Paint, and insurance-based Direct Repair Program (DRP) shops.

Which is Better?

It depends on your perspective – are you an insurance company, an auto manufacturer, or the owner of a collision-damaged vehicle?

If you’re an insurance company, you’re footing the bill for the repair, so it makes sense that controlling costs would be of substantial – in some cases primary – concern.

Meanwhile, auto manufacturers and vehicle owners are more concerned with repairing a vehicle to specific quality & safety standards. And while a factory-certified repair doesn’t always mean a more expensive repair, sometimes it can: for instance, genuine OEM parts may work more reliably than cheaper after-market parts. A factory-trained welding technician qualified to work with today’s lighter metals may command a higher hourly wage than a traditional auto body repairer. Our Certified Kia Body Shop Facility is OEM certified and we have numerous other OEM manufacture certifications.

More About Our Factory Certified Collision Center

You’ll find that factory-certified shops are not as common as insurance-based or DRP shops. That’s because becoming factory-certified is not easy.

1.  The body shop must get a local auto dealership to sponsor them to become factory certified.

2.  The body shop staff must complete extensive specialized training and purchase specialized equipment. Even the waiting room and restroom facilities must be up to the factory guidelines!

The certification process can take over a year … that’s for a single factory certification. Now consider the fact Precision Body & Paint has 30 factory certifications and counting!

Factory Certified Collision Repair
Factory Certified Collision Repair

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Precision Body & Paint?

Your car is an important part of your life. Precision will get your auto fixed right so you can get back on the road. We continue to strive for the highest level of skill and technical ability in the industry and have gained certifications from manufacturers such as Audi, Porsche, Mercedes and many more! .

You can rest assured knowing we have the skills and advanced technology to repair your vehicle the right way with the right parts.

  • Hassle-free collision repair services.

  • Rental car program to minimize any disruptions to your routine.

  • Clean Air Aluminum Repair Facility.

  • Manufacturer approved repairs to fully restore your vehicle.

  • Manufacturer trained, tested, and certified technicians.

  • I-Car Gold Class Collision Repair Facility.

  • I-Car Platinum Certified Collision Repair Technicians.

  • Factory certified repairs, approved by over 30 manufacturers.

  • Lifetime Warranty on all repairs!

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