What To Expect

In Your Collision Repair Process

Precision Body & Paint has served Oregon since 1975. Transparency with our customers is part of the Dedication to Excellence our shop was built on.
Find out more about what you can expect from the collision repair process.



Check into the body shop location, and we’ll begin an analysis of the damage to your vehicle.

Our technician will do a  “pre-scan” with diagnostic equipment, searching for fault codes that indicate damaged components of your vehicle that need to be re-calibrated to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition.



Once the pre-scan diagnostics have been completed, we continue our damage analysis by disassembling the areas of your vehicle that may have been affected by the accident.

We explore and address any areas of hidden damage beneath the surface to ensure your vehicle is restored to original safety and performance.



Once we’ve prepared your damage analysis, we’ll discuss it in detail. During this step, we’ll review the necessary parts, repairs, and costs. Once you approve the repair plan, Precision can take it from there.

We help with the paperwork necessary to complete your accident report and insurance claims forms. Once this phase of the repair process has been completed, we will also have obtained any 3rd party approvals necessary for the work to proceed.



Once we’re sure every piece of damage has been identified, we order parts, supplementing your repair plan & parts order as necessary.

Doing so helps avoid unnecessary delays by ensuring we have everything needed to repair your car before the repair step is initiated.



Once all parts have arrived (usually within 1-3 days), we replace all damaged parts and repair any damage to your vehicle’s unibody or “frame.”

Our structural repair and measuring systems replicate the conditions in the factory where your vehicle was built, making it possible to detect even the slightest structural deviations from original manufacturer tolerances.



We will also address any “cosmetic” damage to your vehicle, removing dents or scratches to restore the contours of your vehicle.

Of course, if all you require are these minor repairs, we are just as expert in this area as we are in repairing significant collision damage.



After body work is complete and damaged parts are replaced, it’s time to prep the car for the paint booth. In a blend of artistry & science, our skilled painters, aided by computer, mix, match & tint a shade of paint to account for any color lot variations or fading from exposure to the elements.

The vehicle paint is then carefully blended around the damaged area to ensure the graduation between brand-new paint & older paint is seamless – invisible to even the most trained eye.



Once all parts of your vehicle have been repainted and refinished.

Our skilled technicians will then reassemble your vehicle according to manufacturer specifications.



Once your vehicle has been repaired and reassembled, we perform post-repair diagnostic scans. This ensures that all your computer and safety systems have been recalibrated and are working correctly. These diagnostic capabilities set us apart from many other collision facilities.

They make it possible for us to ensure that your vehicle has been fully restored to pre-accident safety and performance.



Now that all body repairs have been made and coated with gleaming new paint, we clean your car inside & out.

Once your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned inside and out, we’ll notify you so you can schedule a convenient time to pick it up.



Once all repairs have been completed, your vehicle is subjected to our rigorous quality assurance process.

Multiple trained and certified technicians audit the repairs specified in your repair planning, assuring that the vehicle returned to you has been fully restored and is ready to return to the road safely.



With quality repair from Precision, not only will your collision repairs go smoothly & quickly, you can get back on the road with confidence, knowing we guarantee the quality of our repairs – structurally & aesthetically.

Now you can enjoy your vehicle for many more years to come. Happy Driving!

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Your car is an important part of your life. Precision will get your auto fixed right so you can get back on the road. We continue to strive for the highest level of skill and technical ability in the industry and have gained certifications from manufacturers such as Audi, Porsche, Mercedes and many more! .

You can rest assured knowing we have the skills and advanced technology to repair your vehicle the right way with the right parts.

  • Hassle-free collision repair services.

  • Rental car program to minimize any disruptions to your routine.

  • Clean Air Aluminum Repair Facility.

  • Manufacturer-approved repairs to fully restore your vehicle.

  • Manufacturer-trained tested, and certified expert technicians.

  • I-Car Gold Class Collision Repair Facility.

  • I-Car Platinum Certified Collision Repair Technicians.

  • Factory certified repairs, approved by over 30 manufacturers.

  • Lifetime Warranty on all repairs!

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