Ragan has been in the automotive industry since 1995, a career she has relished despite the fact she originally intended to pursue a career in accounting. But while still in college, she began a part-time bookkeeping position at a local auto repair shop. She enjoyed the shop’s friendly culture and busy atmosphere so much, that when an opening for service advisor became available there, she applied for and secured the job. 

She has been working in the industry ever since. In 2011, she started her own business as an independent service advisor. Although meeting other women in the industry is not commonplace, Ragan says it is not because they are not sought after.  She says most any shop today would like to hire women. But the problem is one of supply, not demand.

In fact, helping more young people discover the automotive industry as a career possibility is one of Ragan’s passions. “Automotive is a smart business where many sciences come together,” she says. She notes that many smart young people thrive best, not when working at a desk, but when working with their hands. For many such doers, the automotive mechanical & collision repair trades offer an excellent career path choice.

As Outreach Coordinator at Precision, part of Margaret’s mission will be to educate the local market on Precision Body & Paint’s unique Factory Certified Collision repair model. Meanwhile, she will continue to provide outreach and support to the automotive educational programs throughout the state – a cause which is in perfect alignment with Precision’s core values. She relishes the opportunity to continue meeting and working with new people. As she puts it, “I have never met a stranger.”

Margaret is also Outreach Coordinator for NATA (Northwest Automotive Trades Association), an industry association which connects automotive tradespeople to help with shared challenges. In addition, she serves on seven college and high school automotive education advisory boards. Outside of the automotive industry her interests are horseback riding, gardening, and her family  – which includes her daughter and her husband of over 25 years.

About Precision Body & Paint:

Precision Body & Paint is an independently-owned, Oregon grown-company founded in Portland in 1975. Over 15 years ago, Precision’s founder & owner Ron Reichen made the decision to take his company’s business model to a manufacturer certification-based repair process, setting us apart from the standard business model in the collision industry. Precision has since accumulated over 30 factory certifications and counting. Our locations are in Beaverton, Bend, and Gresham.