Do you drive a car manufactured within the last ten years? If yes, do you know where your vehicle manufacturer wants you to take it for repairs in case of a collision? Over the past several years, as cars have become ever-more technologically complex, growing numbers of auto manufacturers have created Factory Certified Collision Certification programs. Factory Certified Collision Centers are properly trained & equipped to restore your vehicle to its original factory specifications. This includes the ability to accurately re-calibrate the electronic safety components of the vehicle, as well as ensure genuine parts are used for proven fit & quality. Manufacturers from Audi to Subaru now offer these programs to ensure that, after a collision repair, your automobile is returned to you in like-new condition, including the protective capabilities that kept you safe in the first place.

The best time to decide where to take your car for collision repair is before a collision. Your best resource is the vehicle manufacturer’s website to find your manufacturer’s recommended repairer. Manufacturers with Factory Certified Collision Certification programs in place usually list their certified repairers on a special section of their site. Be aware that the shop your insurance company recommends when you report a collision is frequently not recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

The choice of where to take your car for repairs is legally your choice – your insurer doesn’t get to choose for you. Here are some common myths about collision repair that Precision Body & Paint would like to share:

Myth 1: I have to use the repair shop my insurance recommends.
False! Here in Oregon, an insurance company can’t legally force you to use a particular repair shop as a condition for payment. You have a right to take your car to the shop recommended by your automaker, regardless of where you are insured or what shop your insurer recommends.

Myth 2: The work won’t be guaranteed if I don’t have my car fixed at my insurer’s “preferred” repair shop.
False! Insurance companies don’t guarantee the quality of repair work – repair shops do. All the more reason to select a repair shop certified by your manufacturer!

Myth 3: All body shops use similar repair practices. False! Precision’s Factory Certified collision care sets us apart. We go beyond just restoring your car’s outer appearance to restoring quality & crash-worthiness as per your manufacturer’s guidelines.

Remember: The best time to choose your repair shop is before a collision…so check your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations today! Chances are that with our 30+ factory certifications, Precision Body & Paint will appear on the list.